Shawn Stockman is a founding member of Boyz II Men, which began to form 25 years ago when he was still a student at Creative and Performing Arts High School in South Philadelphia. He’s also been a judge on The Sing-Off and is the founder of Soul Chemistry Records. The trio will be in Madison at Overture Center on Sunday, February 12.

Rank your top five MCs.

LL Cool J
Big Daddy Kane
Chuck D

Which motivates you more: doubters or supporters? We work extremely hard to make our fans happy and give them the music and performances they want. I don’t pay attention to any of the fans who doubt us because our supporters make a lot more noise and inspire us to continue to do what we do best… perform!

What do you love about Philadelphia? A good Philly cheesesteak!

What singers in the last 10 years have impressed you the most? We have been really impressed with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. They are two singers who take it to the next level and are always finding a new sound that fans continue to enjoy.

What are your top three priorities at this point in your life? Family, music and the fans!

What did you think of “The New Edition Story” that recently came out on BET? I really enjoyed tuning into it every night! New Edition inspired Boyz II Men and I still remember when we got the chance to sing for Michael Bivins. Being able to watch their story brought back a lot of great memories. Watching their story, seeing them get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and checking out BBD’s new album has reminded me that there are so many more exciting things that we as Boyz II Men have to look forward to.

Touring now versus when you were younger: What’s the biggest difference? When we were younger it was easier to be on the road because we didn’t have families to worry about. Now, when we travel we all miss seeing our kids everyday, but thanks to technology we can still stay in touch with them.

We are lucky that we have our residency at The Mirage in Las Vegas. It has become our second home and our families can come and enjoy the touring experience with us.

You have been part of the group since 1987. How did you guys stay together for so long? We have been performing together and creating music together for over 25 years and we’ve developed amazing chemistry. Each one of us brings something different to the table-we all want each other to shine, and we know that, working together, the sum can be greater than the parts.

Wanya Morris made it to the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars Season 22.
Wanya Morris made it to the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars Season 22.

Who’s the best dancer of the group? That’s an easy question! Wanya – he was a fan-favorite on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars last year.

How has social media impacted your careers? Social media has allowed so much talent to emerge through platforms like YouTube, Instagram or Vine, but we were already established when all this technology became available. We have always enjoyed the good, old fashion connection we have with fans at shows, but social media has given us a different way to communicate with them. While we still love to have that personal connection at shows and meet & greets, we can easily get messages to fans with a quick 140 characters.

What do you enjoy the most about being a husband and father? My family means the world to me! I love being able to run around and play with my kids any time I am home. Even if I just get to drive them to school before getting on a flight to tour, I really cherish those moments.

Boyz II Men, even with all the ups and downs, is in many ways a success story. What do you want Boyz II Men legacy to be? I hope Boyz II Men continues to be known for creating timeless hits that will be the soundtrack to some of the most important days in people’s lives.

Written by Henry Sanders

Henry Sanders

Henry Sanders is Publisher and CEO of Madison365.