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12th Annual Hispanic Heritage Luncheon Celebration

Lupita and Luis Montoto (Photo by David Dahmer)

La Movida 1480AM/94.5FM and Mid-West Family Madison will celebrate the achievements and contributions of Madison’s Latino community on Friday, Oct. 14, 11 a.m. at the 12th Annual Hispanic Heritage Luncheon Celebration.

The following leaders and entities will be recognized during the luncheon for their contributions in the Greater Madison Area:

◉ Community Institution of the Year: Consulado de México en Milwaukee
◉ Community Leader of the Year: Mario Garcia Sierra, Energy Equity and Innovation Manager at Madison Gas and Electric
◉ Hispanic Achievement of the Year: Norma A. Gallegos Valles, presdient of the Latino Professional Association and Centro Hispano Workforce & Career Pathways Manager
◉ The Amigo Award: Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive
◉ Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year: Ode and Wensy Meléndez, owners of Amigo Construction
◉ Believe and Succeed Award: Jorge Antezana, vice president & COO of the Wisconsin Latino Chamber of Commerce
◉ Making a Difference Award: Roots4Change, Co-Op

For more information about La Movida Radio’s 12th Annual Hispanic Heritage Luncheon, contact Lupita Montoto at (608) 441-3768 or via email at lupita.montoto@lamovidaradio.com

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