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14th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness will present the 14th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day will be held Sept. 23-24.
BWWDAY is our signature annual event that offers a powerful mix of information, inspiration, and empowerment to move us forward in our personal and collective well-being. Launched 14 years ago in a tiny public library meeting room, BWWDAY has grown to be one of the largest and longest running Black women’s empowerment and wellness events in the United States.
Enjoy powerful keynote speakers, expert panels, inspiring artists, and life-changing content that equips, compels, and inspires you to elevate your life, your health, and your wealth.
Engage and shop with our virtual vendors and sponsors, and network with like-minded women who are determined to live well, be well, do well, and to lead powerful change in our families and communities
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