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2nd Annual Madison Good Neighbor Gathering set for Saturday at Brittingham Park


The 2nd Annual Madison Good Neighbor Gathering will take place Saturday, Sept. 25,  noon-5 pm at Brittingham Park.

“You know, I think it’s gonna be a good time and it’s a family-friendly event,” said District 13 Alder Tag Evers. “It’s an alcohol-free event. There are plenty of festivals in town that are quite a bit about the beer and things like that, which is all fine and good. But we’re here for friendship, community, mutual respect and to have a good time.”

Madison Good Neighbor Gathering is an outdoor festival that is free and open to all. Masks are encouraged at this family-friendly event that is a celebration in honor of national Good Neighbor Day.

The first celebration was in 2019, but was canceled in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Evers and his district are excited to be back and able to engage with the community. There will also be music provided by Madison’s Panchromatic Steel Drum Band & DJ Andre.

Tag Evers (right) speaks to the crowd at the first annual Good Neighbor Gathering. (Photo supplied)

“It’s essentially safe for us to come up and say ‘hi’ to each other,” said Evers. “Even though, you know, we didn’t expect in the spring when we talked about having this event that the pandemic was going on … we kind of thought it will all be over with but it’s still here. But it’s outdoors and it will be safe. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody and I’m looking forward to the music of Panchromatic, the sounds of the Caribbean. Their music kind of gets your hips shaking, people dancing and moving their feet. That’s a good thing. DJ Andre will be spinning for the party and his son, who is like five years old, gets up there on the tables and spins with him.”

Evers is looking forward to engaging with the community and getting to know the community of District 13. The neighborhoods included in the area include Dudgeon Monroe, Vilas, Greenbush, Baycreek, Bayview, Triangle and Monona Bay.

The event will also have an inflatable slide, Monroe Street Art Center activities, MSCR Fit2Go van, Madison West Poms team & Reggie the Regent, bike parade, food carts, free beverages, and much more. Over the last year, Evers and his team have been supporting one another and finding ways to enhance their community.

Good Neighbor Gathering

“So, the idea was to bring people together,” said Evers. “And one of the first things that we decided to do was hold a gathering where we can get to know each other. And we’re hoping that we’ll grow this into an annual event, kind of an annual festival of friendship and community.

“During COVID, in the early days of COVID, we tried to function as a mutual support network, so that anybody who was struggling or had a challenge and needed help could reach out,” he added. “And we could help folks get plugged into services or do whatever was necessary to make sure that no one was left out, or falling through the cracks due to loneliness, isolation, or lack of material needs. Kind of what we’re all about is just trying to practice love and community.”

This celebration is sponsored by the District 13 Alliance and in honor of National Good Neighbor Day, which is September 28th. For more information about the national celebration, click here.