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Ambition Center MKE shared workspace drives positive impact for underrepresented individuals and communities


The Ambition Center MKE opened its doors a month ago with the intent to support local businesses and authentically engage with the community. CEO Marcell Jackson created this shared workspace in Milwaukee for remote professionals, service-based entrepreneurs, and freelancers who are interested in working outside of their home. Jackson’s wife, Rashidah Butler-Jackson, is the Community Engagement Manager of the Ambition Center, a momtrepreneur, a business partner, and an advocate for change in her community.

“We advocate and we believe in all of the members here,” Butler-Jackson tells Madison365. “We truly are official about only taking on memberships from people that are community-oriented and from people that are really about business, growth and professional development. Because we want to be able to invest in our members so that’s what I’m most excited about.”

Their amenities include high-speed Internet, free business and career coaching, a podcast and media room, conference rooms, free parking, mailing services, printing, and faxing, and space for member events. The Ambition Center exists to support Milwaukee natives who would not have access to these resources otherwise.

“We are all about community collaboration and engagement, definitely providing more exposure for local small businesses in our community,” said Butler-Jackson. “When we look at the offices that we’ve already rented, most of the offices and most of the members that we have are business owners. We are really trying to highlight these small local businesses who barely made it through the pandemic.

“Some of them built their businesses through the pandemic. They either lost their jobs or realized that they weren’t making ends meet and had to do something different,” she continues. “For me, it’s really exciting when the community can come in and connect with these businesses and learn more about what they do. We allow free event space for our members. They can host pop-ups, and they can hold training and professional development opportunities and know that this is a professional space where they are trusted … they are respected.”

The Ambition Center is open for tours and accepting new memberships.
To book a 15-minute tour, click here. Butler-Jackson understands the importance of representation in business and wants to support Black and brown local business owners.

“We need our own stuff, and we need people to see themselves and see that you can wear your hair how you want to wear it, and you can run your business how you want and all of that is validated,” said Butler-Jackson. “We see you; we validate you. We acknowledge you and we support you in whatever it is that you’re trying to do. When you walk in, the artwork in the Ambition Center is Black men, Black women, Black professionals. We want people to see themselves and feel heard, and feel seen, and feel valued. Because that’s something that we need as small business owners, so we know that other people need it, as well. We are grateful. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Marcell Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Ambition Center MKE

Butler-Jackson is happy to be in operation with her husband and uplifting communities in Milwaukee. Encouraging unity and progress are important to her. She is also proud that her son gets to see his dad creating space for change in Milwaukee.

“My son is here with us today and it’s just really cool for him to see this space that his dad has, the beautiful thing that he’s created,” she said. “With all of the chaos that’s happening in our city right now, it’s good to just celebrate some of the goodness.”

Butler-Jackson and the staff will be holding a seminar with Latanza Parnell about Creating Financial Foundations today at 1 p.m. at the Ambition Center. To learn more about this event and register, visit: https://www.ambitioncentermke.org/collab.