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B.A.M. (Battle, Art, Music) Festival will feature live performances, dance tournaments, workshops, and artist competitions


The Hitterz Collective LLC, is calling all artists, musicians, and dancers to participate in a weekend of workshops, 2v2 and 1v1 competitions, collaborative spaces, and fun in their B.A.M. (Battle, Art, Music) Festival taking place Dec. 15-17 at the Arts + Literature Laboratory, 111 S. Livingston Street.

“B.A.M Festival is the ultimate destination for dance, art, music, culture and community in Madison. Our weekend features a wide variety of activities designed to promote healing, connection and expression through movement and creativity,” says Papa-Kobina Brewoo, the founder and director of The Hitterz Collective LLC. “We strongly believe that through dance, music and art, we can spread awareness and create a space for everyone to be themselves.”

Tickets and more information about the events are currently available through their website and bundles are available for competitors, artists, dancers, musicians, and other participants.

The Hitterz Collective LLC, based in Madison, is an arts organization with the mission of providing dance & arts education, creative and professional services, multi-faceted events and space rental to the community. With activities such as a Reggaeton dance workshop or Beginner-Intermediate choreography dance workshops, the collective seeks to empower all-inclusive spaces that are welcome to all ages, levels, backgrounds and experiences. 

For more information about the B.A.M. (Battle, Art, Music) Festival, click here.