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Beyond DEI: Another way is possible


Special promotional content provided by nINA Collective.

The nINA collective is opening a Community of Practice where equity practitioners can connect, share their experiences and knowledge, and collaborate to build collective wisdom and strategies for transformative change. Members of the Community of Practice will have access to new offerings, including the nINA CHOIR (Co-creating Healthy Organizations & Inclusive Relationships). 

The CHOIR is a virtual space for members to connect with each other, glean insights from their journeys and work, and to learn about each other’s aspirations and ideas. It will serve as a collection of resources, stories, reflections, positions, and a shared space of practice.

Not a member? Not a problem! On April 17, 2024 from 12:30 – 1:30pm CST, the nINA CHOIR will be hosting a free sneak peak with a virtual event for others to hear directly from three different organizations about the racial equity change initiatives they are advancing alongside the nINA Collective. 

One of the partners that will be joining this conversation is Montgomery County, PA. nINA collaborated with the County to deepen their organizational and collective capacity to advance racial equity and justice through coaching, racial equity action planning, and facilitating a Racial Equity Learning Community (RELC). Donna L. Richemond, Chief of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Montgomery County, PA shared:

The nINA Collective brought honesty, intentionality, and authenticity to our county’s racial equity journey. The approach taken to nurture a safe space for equity centered professional learning and courageous conversations was appreciated. Not only were the sessions impactful for our team members, but the consultation and coaching for leadership were just as powerful. The nINA Collective facilitators were amazing at leading our conversations and sessions with great skill, humility, and a thorough understanding of our team dynamics. The training sessions offered were well executed with relevant content that was tailored to meet our needs. The structure and techniques used to frame and unpack the information, the truthful and compassionate delivery, and the creation of a trusting environment provided a model that will definitely impact our work as we continue our journey toward becoming a more equitable, just, and inclusive workplace and service provider.


Register here to join the conversation and to be inspired by some of the organizations who have committed to engaging in the work required to bring about racial justice and equity.

When describing the work of the nINA Collective, nINA Collective Co-creator and Director, Colleen Butler, shared that “the work of the nINA Collective is always grounded in shared values. We developed the CHOIR to support organizations in using their values as a compass to navigate change, make decisions, prioritize, and prototype new ways of operating. This builds trusting relationships that support the change process while also fostering community. We are excited to offer a space for organizations doing exceptional but challenging work to come together for support, learning, and transformation.”

This approach has resonated with organizations like The Park Bank. Ken Lammersfeld, CEO, shared:

“We engaged nINA Collective to assist us in conducting a DEI readiness assessment and to build a plan for ongoing improvement. Their process and facilitation with our associates and senior leaders was comprehensive and educational, and their findings and recommendations for implementation have us better prepared than ever for success! I would highly recommend any organization looking to either start, enhance, or maintain their DEI strategies work with Nina Collective.”

Since opening in March 2020, the nINA Collective has partnered with over 100 organizations locally and nationally to advance racial equity. nINA offers organizational change support including assessment and evaluation; racial equity action planning, co-learning and facilitation; community engagement and focus groups; coaching and strategy support; affinity group development and implementation; conflict transformation and community circles. 

There are many ways you can partner with the nINA Collective to support your commitment to racial equity:

If you are interested in hearing more from organizations doing this work, or curious about what an organizational change initiative could look like for you and your organization, join us on April 17th from 12:30 – 1:30 or reach out to [email protected]