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Black Oxygen: Death becomes us with Geraud Blanks (rebroadcast)


“Black men often suffer in silence,” says Geraud Blanks. Geraud Blanks, Chief Innovation Officer of Milwaukee Film, is this week’s featured guest on Black Oxygen. This week’s nuanced and complex conversation covers a wide range of topics including public mourning and the civil rights movement, masculinity, grief and emotional health, Black identify and grief, and so much more. Geraud also discusses the tenderness of his relationship with his uncle and the regret that he experienced when his uncle passed away. In this conversation, Geraud challenges us all to broaden our identity of Blackness to one beyond pain, suffering and trauma – to one that includes laughter, joy, beauty and creativity. Towards the end of our conversation Geraud shares his experience with depression and anxiety and reminds folks, particularly Black men, to not suffer in silence.

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