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Brew City Legends Knock Off Undefeated Cincinnati


The Cincinnati Swerve came into the Uihlein Soccer Complex in Milwaukee undefeated on Saturday, but left with a notch in the loss column, as the host Brew City Legends held on for an epic, last-minute 4-3 victory.

He said the team worked to improve their game throughout the season. The goal was to prevent the opposing team from even touching the ball. The Brew City Legends played well on both offense and defense Saturday night.

Shortly after the arrival of the opposing team, both teams stepped onto the field for the singing of the national anthem by guest star Ms. Lotus Fankh (pronounced ‘funk’). Children who attended with their families, some related to the Brew City Legend’s players, stepped onto the field alongside the players from both squads.  

After the flag was lowered and the kids left the field, it was time for the game to begin. Like always, the Brew City Legends convened for motivational words from their coach and began the first quarter with “Legends on Three.” Brew City soon faced Cincinnati Swerve for the kickoff.

Brew City quickly scored a goal within the first three minutes of the game but Cincinnati managed to tie with the Legends within the last half of the first quarter. The Brew City Legends followed Cincinnati Swerve each step of the way, some players getting swept off their feet by their opponents.

Their training paid off Saturday night. Number 10, Herrera, scored the second goal for the Brew City Legends in the last two minutes of the second quarter placing the team in the lead before the second half. He celebrated this goal with a victory dance and hugging his teammates.

The Legends went into an intense second-half scoring another goal early in the third quarter. Cincinnati then scored their second against the Legends with only four minutes left on board.

Brew City Legends continued a steady defensive strategy against their opponents and remained vigilant throughout the rest of the game. However, Cincinnati Swerve still managed to tie the game with only ten minutes to play.

“Last two minutes fellas, let’s dig deep,” Owner and Coach Denzel Pettigrew yelled.

Within the last few moments of the game, two players from the opposing team cornered Herrera before he had the opportunity to kick the ball but then he passed the ball to his teammate. Brew City Legends scored once again in the last minute and there was no way the Brew City Legends would have allowed them to tie the game within the last 20 seconds.

“We’re just going to keep working. Hopefully, we’re at the top of the league at the end,” Forward Amilcar Herrera said. “I think we all worked hard. We still have stuff to work on but we’re improving. Every practice, every game we’re just going to keep getting better.”



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