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Castillo becomes first Latina on County Board


Attorney and COO of Open Homes real estate brokerage Cecely Castillo has joined the ever-lengthening list of firsts for the Wisconsin electorate as Castillo is now the first Latina woman to hold a seat on the Dane County Board of Supervisors.

With the recent resignation of Richard Kilmer, Board Chair Analiese Eicher selected Castillo to be the interim supervisor for District 4. Castillo’s interim position was approved by the full board on Thursday.

Castillo’s name will also appear on the spring ballot as candidate for a full term as District 4 Supervisor.

“I think it’s definitely time that there was a member of the Latinx community on the county board,” Castillo said. “I have two young girls and so I am always grateful when I see people in positions that they can look at and see themselves. That’s something that as an elected official, I think it’s kind of exciting.

“I’m so heartened by so many people running, or different levels and offices that are adding such a diversity that we haven’t seen in Wisconsin before,” she added.

Castillo noted that her platform has been informed by her previous work as both the policy director for former Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton and the Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney for Chicago. Castillo was also on the Board of Domestic Abuse Intervention Services as well as a women’s health policy director for the Wisconsin Alliance. 

“I worked in multiple divisions, but the two divisions that really had an impact on me were the Juvenile Justice and the domestic abuse divisions,” Castillo said. “So those are two issue areas that I really want to be involved with [in Dane County.]

“The truth is, when you’re working on the county level, there’s so much that can be done at that level, and it really is a policy position…you really do get to dig in and see an immediate effect of the work that you’re doing,” Castillo continued.

Although only recently appointed, Castillo explained that she will be “jumping right into” the next board meeting. She expects that the board will prioritize resolutions regarding the current global health crisis.

“There’s going to be healthcare issues that are at the forefront and just ensuring public health and keeping people safe,” she said. “We have on the horizon, we’re gonna have to think about what budgeting looks like because there are different costs involved when you’re living in a pandemic.”

Castillo added that she is eager to begin working with her constituents of District 4.

“I’ve worked and helped people with their campaigns for years, but I’ve never run for elected office before,” Castillo explained. “But I think it was living through the pandemic and just seeing what families are dealing with in our community and also seeing how our community community has pulled together, I just wanted to be a part of this.”

Castillo will also be chief of staff for incoming State Senator Kelda Roys when she is sworn in next month.

More information about Castillo’s campaign can be found on her political facebook page.