Join us for dinner on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22-23, 6-9 p.m., to celebrate the Centro Hispano space with food, art, and music before our agency is completely transformed by a FLOOR360 Design for a Difference makeover in October. VEA Events will create a visual, edible, audible four-course experience that will progress throughout the space for an hour and a half immersive dining adventure followed by dessert, cash bar, live music and informal film screenings sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television.

Stay tuned to see the menus local chefs construct based on the artwork of Luisa Fernanda Garcia, Carlos Eduardo Gacharná, Rodrigo Carapia, Leigh Garcia, Erica Pinigis, Pete Hodapp and Leticia Castillo Art Studio. With a surrealist twist on Centro’s annual Evening of Dreaming event, the collaborative dining environments will generate an exclusive experience for its audience.

Tickets include: Complimentary welcome beverage, non-traditional 3-5 course meal, live music, film screenings with introductions by director Hector Galan, and admittance to the temporary Evening of Dreaming exhibition.

Special guest: Hector Galan, filmmaker.

Email with inquiries and dietary restrictions.