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CEOs of Tomorrow launches These Teens Mean Busine$$ Incubator Competition for Fall 2021


CEOs of Tomorrow is launching their Fall 2021 These Teens Mean Busine$$ Virtual Incubator Contest, a program is for 9th-12th graders who are interested in creating their own business. Dr. Roxie Hentz, Founding Executive Director of CEOs of Tomorrow, is excited to work with a new group of students this fall. 

“We’re looking forward to bringing on a new group of talented, eager teens who are looking to not only open a business but to learn how to do that in a way that earns revenue,” said Hentz. “But also, I’m excited to see the social issues they want to tackle with their businesses. That’s always so exciting because it really unites us. It really gives students a true and authentic platform to address issues of importance to them. To see that evolution that they go through from ideally creating a business idea to ultimately launching is magical.” 

The 2021 Spring Incubator Top CEO Winner was Noelia, grade 12, whose company is called “Bloom”.
 (Ilana Natasha Photography)

Sessions for the fall incubator will take place every Saturday, Oct. 2-Dec.11, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. There are 12 open slots for applicants and the deadline for applications is approaching, Hentz says.

The staff at CEOs of Tomorrow is looking forward to working with students and encouraging them to create a business that tackles a social issue. Previous student entrepreneurs have used their businesses to address issues like obesity and mental health awareness. 

Student entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to win cash prizes including a first-place prize of $1,000, a second-place prize of $500, and a third-place prize of $250 at the Virtual Teen Pitch & Launch Event. They will also be crowned a Top CEO Business and be awarded through cash or college scholarships. 

The These Teens Mean Busine$$ Competition and sessions cost $160 to participate. CEOs of Tomorrow provides scholarships for students who are interested but are unable to pay for their participation. 

CEOs of Tomorrow students and staff meet virtually. (Photo supplied)

“We offer program scholarships, and we not only offer them, but we do it in a way that allows our families to maintain their dignity and respect,” said Hentz. “It’s a simple application. There is no proof of income or anything like that. We believe that families already have to jump through enough hurdles and we don’t want to create additional ones. So we just keep that process really simple. They can call our office or send an email to request the scholarship and we send them the link to the application.”

The Program Scholarship Application can be found here. After students create their businesses, they advertise them at CEOs of Tomorrow’s Pitch & Launch Event that will take place on Saturday, Dec. 11. This event provides students the opportunity to showcase their business and their hard work, and allow the public to purchase their products. 

 “The event is open to the public, it’ll be virtual again,” said Hentz. “It’ll be on our website. By November, typically, people start registering two weeks in advance. It’s a free event, just in time for the holidays. So, they’ll get to shop until they drop. After they listen to the students pitch their business ideas, the audience then becomes their customers and they can shop. All products will be shipped at no cost directly to their door. So they not only get to support young entrepreneurs as they launch their businesses, but also benefit from their creative, awesome product.”                  


For more information about the application for These Teens Mean Busine$$ Incubator Competition for Fall 2021, the scholarship application for the contest, and all things related, visit: https://ceosoftomorrow.com/tmb-incubator/