With 15 yes votes, Madison Common Council has reached an agreement with Beitler Real Estate to keep the Judge Doyle Square Development on track.

Under the new deal the city will pay Beitler Real Estate $700,000 to take over part of the project that served as the main point of contention between the two.

Under the original agreement Beitler was in charge of developing three buildings on a two-block space off Madison’s Capitol Square. The three structures will house a hotel, office and retail space, apartments and an above and underground parking structure.

Beitler was originally in charge of developing the three buildings, the city was in charge of the underground parking structure.

Beitler had previously sued the city over the project, later removing the lawsuit. The issues with Beitler stemmed over the structural slab that was to go over the city’s underground parking garage.

Under the new deal the city will now take that over the slab and work with another, undecided private developer, to develop above the building above the parking garage.