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Coming soon: 12 on Tuesday

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson

If you could ask a civic, political or business leader one question, what would it be?

What if you could ask twelve?

Good news is, we can. And we did, and we’re going to keep on asking.

Every Tuesday, we’ll publish twelve questions we posed to a local leader, along with their answers. We’ll start on September 8 with Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson.

What motivates him more — doubters or supporters?

What’s the secret to fundraising?

What is our biggest stumbling block when it comes to turning the corner on racial disparities?

And the question burning in minds across Dane County: Tupac or Biggie?

Find out how Johnson handled these questions, and eight others, on Tuesday, September 8. Then watch for more Q&As with Progressive Dane’s Mike Martez Johnson, Madison Metropolitan School District’s Deidre Hargrove, Rev. Everett Mitchell, Chamber of Commerce President Zach Brandon, and many more. Learn what makes them tick, how they got where they are, what they hope for the future of Madison and a few little things no one knows. Yet.

Who do you think we should ask 12 questions of? And what would you ask? Comment below or tell us on Facebook!