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Dane County adds 80 cases, but no new deaths


Dane County confirmed 80 new coronavirus cases Tuesday which brings the County’s total to 3,151. Of those 3,151 cases, 1,186 are considered currently active.

There were 31 new cases in people in their 20s while 10 were in those between the ages of 10-19 and one case below the age of 9. Those in their 40s also experienced a double-digit growth with new cases today totaling 15 while those in their 30s grew by nine.  There were also eight new cases in those in their 50s, five in their 60s, and one in their 80s.

Dane County also reported no new deaths since yesterday, which keeps the county’s total at 33 today. Total hospitalizations for the county for COVID-19 also stayed at 247.

Of the 80 new cases reported today, 13, or 16.25 percent, were attributed to those who identify as Hispanic. They now make up 14.98 percent of all cases while only making up six percent of the population in Dane County.

Yesterday, with the release of their updated Data Snapshot for the weeks of June 27th – July 10th, Public Health of Madison and Dane County, reported that those who identify as Hispanic or Latinx make up 7 percent of tests, 14 percent of cases during those weeks and 27 percent of the hospitalizations. There were also nine new cases, or 13.64 percent of all new cases, attributed to those who identify as Black, which brings their total of cases in Dane County to 11.9 percent. According to the new data for June 27 – July 10 from PHMDC, Black people were 5 percent of all tests, 8 percent of cases and 19 percent of hospitalizations for those dates as well. Black people make up about five percent of the population in Dane County. Six more cases, or 7.5 percent of all new cases, have been attributed to those who identify as Asian. For the dates of June 27 – July 10, Asian people made up three percent of tests and three percent of cases while making up seven percent of the population in Dane County.

Late Monday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County released their weekly Data Snapshot which included a two week look on the status on their metrics used to move between phases in their Forward Dane plan. According to the released, updated data, Dane County has two sets of metrics that are measuring in the red, therefore limiting the county’s ability to reopen more businesses. First, Dane County is averaging 98 cases per day, up from 90 last week and well above the maximum threshold of averaging 20 cases per day. Also, the number of positive cases reported and interviewed by contact tracers within 48 hours dropped from 52 percent last week to 42 percent this week. Both are below the 70 percent minimum threshold for that specific metric. Last week, it was also reported that the number of those who tested positive who didn’t know where they might have contracted COVID-19 from was at 33 percent, but this week that number dropped to 28%. Though still above  above their minimum of at least 20% for this specific metric, that measure went from red to yellow.

Currently, for today, as the number of negative tests reported is lagged by several days, the most updated  data on positive test percentage for a day is for July 7, when the positive test percentage has been updated to 3.1 percent while updated numbers now have July 6 at 4.34 percent. Though data for the dates for July 8th – July 10th are somewhat available, Madison365 expects that number to adjust considerably as more negative and positive tests are attributed to those dates in the coming days.

In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Madison365, another pop up, drive-thru testing center will be taking place again this week. You can read more about dates, times and the specific sites in our previous story. Testing is still available today at Alliant Energy Center from 8am – 4pm.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.