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Dane County Clerk Streamlines Absentee Voting


Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnell said Wednesday that anyone requesting an absentee ballot online could have one, regardless of whether they were able to upload a photo of their ID.

Governor Tony Evers on Tuesday issued a “Safer at Home” order, requiring people to stay home unless absolutely necessary until April 24. However, he has as yet declined to reschedule the spring election set for April 7. The election will serve as Wisconsin’s presidential primary as well as a statewide Supreme Court election and several local elections across the state.

Instead of postponing the election, Evers has urged all voters to vote absentee. Some have criticized this stance, saying it isn’t necessarily easy for some populations to request and return and absentee ballot.

Under current rules, most people must take a photo of their driver license or state ID to request an absentee ballot online; however, anyone confined to their home by illness is not required to do so.

“I have informed Dane County Municipal Clerks that during this emergency and based on the Governors Stay at Home order I am declaring all Dane County voters may indicate as needed that they are indefinitely confined due to illness,” McDonnel wrote in a Facebook post.

Anyone may request an absentee ballot at myvote.wi.gov. After entering your name and validating your address, you can choose which elections you wish you vote absentee, or you can certify that you are confined to your home due to illness, in which case you will receive absentee ballots for every election until you are no longer confined.

“I urge all voters who request a ballot and have trouble presenting a valid ID to indicate that they are indefinitely confined,” he wrote. “People are reluctant to check the box that says they are indefinitely confined but this is a pandemic. This feature in our law is here to help preserve everyone’s right to vote.”

McDonnel said that anyone who is able to upload a photo of a valid ID should still do so.