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Dane County Human Services issues request for proposals; seeks more diverse vendors


Special promotional content provided by the Dane County Department of Human Services.

The Dane County Department of Human Services wants to do business with diverse service providers.

The Department will be releasing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for almost 20 programs the week of March 22. The expected budgets for programs for which the Department is requesting proposals are between $20,000 and $2.5 million. This is part of an annual procurement process that invites qualified persons or agencies to submit proposals to provide a number of important services in the county. 

The Department of Human Services administers a variety of programs, in partnership with service providers, in the areas of Adult Community Services; Economic Assistance and Work Services; Children, Youth, and Families; Housing Access & Affordability; Prevention & Early Intervention; and Badger Prairie Health Care Center. 

“Dane County Department of Human Services has a strong provider network that provides many excellent services to the Dane County community,” said Director Shawn Tessmann. “We look forward to our yearly RFP process to learn about new and emerging strategies from both existing providers and new partners. The Department of Human Services is dedicated to ensuring its provider pool is diverse, and is making an intentional effort to reach new vendors for this year’s competition.”

“This year there are a variety of programs open for proposals,” said Katie O’Brien, the department’s grants manager. “From behavioral health and mental health to youth justice, there are a wide range of services that work with the community, both youth and adults.”

O’Brien said it’s important that a diverse array of businesses and nonprofits take a shot at these contracts.

“It is our hope as a county that we’re getting proposals from a variety of smaller businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, that reflect the diversity of our community and clients served,” she said.

O’Brien said that even if there’s no contract you want to bid on this year, the county wants to hear from you.

“We’re interested even in getting questions from people and organizations that are curious about doing business with the county, answer any questions they may have, because we do this every year,” she said. “If there’s not something out this year that looks appealing to an agency, they might want to keep us on their radar for next year. They’re welcome to reach out.”

O’Brien said the county is working on making the bid process easier and more streamlined, but said it’s very similar to grant writing — something most nonprofit execs know well. 

The following list includes RFPs anticipated to be released this year for funding in 2022: 

  • Supportive Services for Housing First 
  • Alzheimer’s Assistance & Family Support AFCSP
  • Fatherhood Responsibility Project
  • Jail Outreach for the Latinx Community
  • Hospital Diversion Facility (Care Center)
  • Transitional Housing Program (THP)
  • AODA Day Treatment
  • Detoxification & Treatment Readiness Center
  • Adult Mental Health Residential Services
  • Coordination of Community Service Program for Adult Criminal Defendants
  • Residential Supportive Services
  • Intensive Supervision Services
  • Juvenile Sexual Offender – Assessment, Treatment & Education
  • Homeless Program/Housing Assistance
  • Support in Educational Transitions
  • Child & Youth Sexual Abuse Treatment
  • Family Preservation & In-Home Safety Services
  • Youth Mental Health Day Treatment

Proposals will be due May 14. More detailed descriptions of the RFPs may be found on the DCDHS website at: https://danecountyhumanservices.org/Providers/Applications/default.aspx .

For more information, please contact Katie O’Brien, Dane County Department of Human Services at [email protected]