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Dane County pushes pass 21,000 cumulative cases as one new death reported; hospitalizations drop


Dane County reported 304 new coronavirus cases Saturday morning, bringing our cumulative total to 21,286.

Madison365 reported on Thursday that the county had pushed 20,000 and a week ago, Madison365 reported that the county had passed 18,000. In the past seven days, Dane County has added 3,115 new COVID-19 cases.


MDC noted yesterday, it took the County 5 months to get to 3,301 new cases and 7 days from November 5 to November 11 to get to 3,302.

Of those 21,286, 16,313 are considered recovered while 4,913 are active, or 23.1 percent of all cases.

Dane County also confirmed one additional death this morning, for a cumulative total of 60. Deaths in the county have risen nine percent since November 7 and 22.4 percent over the past two weeks. The new death reported today was of a woman in her 90s, according to the new data.

Dane County has seen a 73.2 percent increase in total cases in the past 30 days, since October 15, when the county reported 12,223 total cases ever. In Thursday’s, Data Snapshot as reported by Madison365 this Friday morning, Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported that from October 27 through November 9, Madison averaged 364 new cases per today. With today’s update, the county’s seven-day average is now at 376.3 cases per day while our 14-day average as of November 13 is 377.9 cases per day.

Today, the number of people currently hospitalized in Dane County — both Dane County residents and people from neighboring counties — dropped to 160 cases, breaking a streak of eight consecutive record highs. However, the number of ICU patients rose from 38 to 41.

For Dane County residents, the number of people ever hospitalized for COVID-19 has grown from yesterday’s reported 653 to 659. Two people in their 20s, and one person in each of the following age groups have been hospitalized today: 40s, 60s, 70s and 90s9.  Of those six new hospitalizations, one was Black and one was Hispanic/Latinx.

The increasing number of hospitalizations for residents in the County have grown significantly among certain groups and ages as cases have surged. Madison365 has graphed that growth from information gathered daily from PHMDC’s data which reflects that those in their 80s have grown 34.1 percent since October 31 while those in their 70s have grown 22.2 percent and those in their 90s grew by 21.9 percent.

Hospitalizations also continue to significantly impact our communities of color as those who identify as American Indian have grown 25 percent in Dane County and those who are Hispanic/Latinx grew by 19.6 percent. Hospitalizations for those who are Black in our community have grown 17.4 percent and 18.2 percent for those who are Asian since October 31.

Of the 304 new cases reported today, 106 were attributed to November 13 while an additional 195 cases were attributed to November 12, increasing that day’s positive test count to 498.  The rest of the cases were added to dates earlier in the week. November 6 continues to hold the record for the highest single day of positives processed with 530 positive cases attributed to that day.

Age groups between 10 – 69 grew by double digits today with those 10-19 growing by 86 new cases or 28.3 percent of all new cases while adults in their 20s grew by 82 new cases with 27 percent of all new cases. Adults in their 30s were less than half of those aged 10-19 with 42 new cases while those in their 40s and 50s both grew by 30 new cases. Adults in their 60s rounded out today’s double digits with 19 new cases. Children under 10 grew by eight new cases, those in their 80s by 5 and adults in their 70s with 2. There were no new cases reported for adults in their 90s.

Important to note this morning is the continuing growth among our communities of color. According to the data, Hispanic/Latinx people in our community who make up about 6 percent of our population, grew by an additional 65 cases or 21.4 percent of all new cases broken down by ethnicity. They now encompass about 14.7 percent of all cases. Black people, who also make up 6 percent of our community, grew by 20 new cases. They make up 7.1 percent of all cases. Asian people grew by 11 new cases and now make up 3.3 percent of all cases while Native Americans in our community grew by five additional cases today and now make up .75 percent of all cases as they make up on .5 percent of the population in Dane County.

Looking at growth over the past two weeks, adults in their 90s continue to see the largest growth with a 55.7 percent increase in cases since October 31 while adults in their 80s have grown 40.6 percent. Children aged 0-9 grew by 33.7 percent for the past two weeks as adults in their 70s grew by 31.6 percent since October 31.

In terms of case growth for the past two weeks for our communities of color, American Indians in Dane County saw the most growth with a 31.0 percent increase while Hispanics in the county saw an increase of 31.1 percent. Black people grew about 25.6 percent in cases since October 31 as the Asian community grew 31.0 percent.

The most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for November 13 at 1.4 percent while the positive test percentage for November 12 has adjusted to 8.8 percent. The positive percentage for November 11 has also been updated to from 8.7 while November 10 is now at 7.6. Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

Yesterday at 2 pm, UW’s COVID-19 dashboard update continued to steadily report increasing numbers for UW students and staff with 94 new positives. Of those 94 reported, 88 were students and six were employees. Per the update from the dashboard, UW is adding positives from off campus testing to the appropriate date of the result, but did not include in the summary but did not include if any new results came in. UW had a total of 4,193 cumulative cases as Madison365 reported in yesterday’s update. This morning, the new total, which includes the 94 reported at 2pm yesterday, is now 4,288 cases – meaning one additional positive from off-campus testing was added into their overall data for an UW employee.

The seven-day percent positive rate for students has grown from 3.6 percent to 4.2 percent while the seven-day average of all positive cases has grown to 55.1 cases per day. In total, according to UW’s Smart Restart Dashboard, there are now 3,975 students who have tested positive and UW emmployees grew from 306 to 313 (6 from today’s update and one additional) employees for a total of 4,288 cumulative cases for UW students and staff.

Madison365 updated our weekly map for COVID-19 cases within our county tracts this past Friday. Our team will continue to update this data and publish it weekly.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers after 2 pm.