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Dane County reports 87 new coronavirus cases

Dane County confirmed 87 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, bringing the total to 2,597 cases since the pandemic began in March. Of those 2,597 total cases, 1,087 are still active and 1,510 are recovered. Dane County’s total case count has more than doubled over the past two weeks.

Today’s increase once again was centered in those in their 20s, with 42 cases — 48 percent of all new cases today — in that age group. Two of the new cases were children under 10, eight were between 10-19 and 17 were in their 30s. Eight new cases were also reported in their 40s, along with 5 in their 60s and one in their 70s.

Dane County is still at 32 deaths, which has been consistent since June 17th.

This morning, Madison365 updated our data regarding coronavirus spread in specific neighborhoods and communities from June 15th through July 7th – including a new interactive map by census tract. Today’s data are not included, but will be included in an update next week.

On Monday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported their weekly Data Snapshot which included a two week look (June 20 – July 3) on the status on their metrics used to move between phases in their Forward Dane plan. According to the released, updated data, Dane County has three sets of metrics that are measuring in the red. First, Dane County is averaging 90 cases per day which is above the minimum threshold of averaging 20 cases per day. Also, the number of positive cases reported and interviewed by contact tracers within 48 hours was only at 52 percent, below their 70 percent minimum threshold for that specific metric. Lastly, the number of those who tested positive who didn’t know where they might have contracted COVID-19 from was at 33% which is above their minimum of at least 20% for this specific metric.

The data also noted of the 24% of the total positive cases (306 cases) within the 14 day period: 239 were from bars and restaurants, 18 from college-aged housing (fraternities/sororities, near-campus apartments), 20 from work places, 8 from gyms, 6 from congregate facilities, 6 from daycares/preschools and 9 from other clusters. Also, the percentage of all total positive cases within that 14 day period who reported they attended a gathering or party with those outside their household was reported at 43%.

Public Health of Madison and Dane County, in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and Madison365 announced on Wednesday that they are coordinating six pop-up testing sites around the Madison area starting Tuesday, July 7th. You can read more about dates, time sand the specific sites in our previous story.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.