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“Diary of a Future President” Imagines Latina Chief Executive


In the near future, United States President Elena Cañero-Reed finds her childhood diary, which sparks reminiscences of her childhood as a Cuban-American girl going through middle school and laying the foundations for a career in leadership and public service.

That’s the premise of new series premiering Friday on the Disney+ streaming service. The series, “Diary of a Future President,” stars Gina Rodriguez as the adult president and Tess Romero as 12-year-old Elena. Rodriguez is also the executive producer.

The series will focus mainly on Elena’s childhood, according to reports, employing voice-over from Elena’s diary. It will also feature Rodriguez in “flash forward” sequences depicting her campaign for president.

The 10-episode series was created and written by Ilana Peña, who is said to have based much of it on her own childhood.

The series will be exclusively available on the Disney+ platform, which requires a monthly subscription. New episodes will become available on the service every Friday.