Channel3000logoSquareDozens of people attended a silent vigil on the Capitol steps Sunday afternoon to show their support for Muslim refugees and ask President Donald Trump to lift an executive order on immigration.

Event organizer Emily Colo said she started calling friends and church members Saturday night to create an event to show support for immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. and demonstrate what she said is the Trump administration’s “profound insensitivity” to the needs of immigrants.

“I’m really excited to see people stand up and say we love our Muslim neighbors. We want to welcome people who are suffering and who are in dire straights. We just don’t want to see the door slammed,” she said.

Coho said she started the demonstration after watching news coverage of protests at airports nationwide aimed at the executive order.

“I am a Christian and a lot of what I’m feeling is because of my convictions,” Colo said. “And I know there’s others that share those convictions, and others of other faiths and of no faith at all that also share them.”