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Dwayne Maddox joins Old National Bank as VP, DEI Program Director


Dwayne Maddox of Madison has joined Old National Bank as vice president and director of diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

“I’ll be taking over some of the strategy work in collaboration with coalition as well as some of the execution around the core competencies for our organization for DEI. That can include everything from what we call impact groups, which some people call employee resource groups, to how we think about our business practices by product line and also around our philanthropy, community investment, community involvement and so forth,” Maddox said in an interview Friday.

Maddox is taking on a new role for the company as it ramps up its exectuive team following a merger with Frist Midwest Bank last year.

Maddox said he was impressed with what he saw as a true commitment to equity in the company.

“I found them to have a tremendous amount of commitment,” he said. “I found a commitment to the work and also a recognition that the work is an ongoing journey that has both personal impact for them as individuals, for all of us as we do this work, and also professional impact in terms of how we serve our organizations and community. It is a personal journey, and a professional journey when you do this work and I found everyone understood that. They had the groundwork done to really invest in the work in a way that would be meaningful and impactful for the organization, for the individuals and employees, but then also for our customers, communities and stakeholders.”

Maddox is a Certified Diversity Practitioner and holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also finishing Northwestern University’s Certificate in Leading Equity & Inclusion in Organizations. He will spend time in both Old National Bank’s Chicago and Madison offices.