Eric Von, Leading Voice of Milwaukee Black Talk Radio, Dies at 58


    Eric Von — a longtime leading voice of black talk radio in Milwaukee — died of an apparent heart attack last night.

    Von was a journalist and broadcaster for WNOV (AM 860) and the founder of the online men’s health magazine Brain, Brawn & Body, a website that encouraged men to get healthy and exercise. Von was also the managing partner of VonCommunications, a public relations firm.

    On Von’s radio program, he addressed local and national politics, unemployment and underemployment, the black male incarceration rate, inequity in contracting, health care disparities, police-involved shootings, gun violence, and more.

    He originally had joined WNOV-AM (860) in early 2015 to host a show that ran from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekdays. Prior to that, he had worked for years as director of operations and a popular radio show host for WMCS-AM (1290) before the station changed its format in 2013. He had also served as the business manager for Radio One in Washington, D.C.

    Von, whose full name was Eric Von Boardley, was 58.