We see you brotha
In the community

Got that new Will Smith
Got that new Bey
Holla at ya boy
C’mon holla at me

The law might call you pirate
But we recognize the hustle

Nah I’m good bruh

But you making ends meet
Staying up late
Hustling hard in these streets
Trunk full of “merchandise”
Some of it PG
Some with a little spice

And we know
never to call the po-po
After Eric Garner
Sandra Bland
Tamir Rice
We all know
the po-po

We can’t know which ones will come
Ones looking like us
Or one’s looking like them
Can never know
if they will protect and serve
Or shoot us first
Never know if what they do
will be heroism
Or murder
in the first

And after over and over again we see
Our little brown bodies slain

We can’t desensitize
We have to stand
You never know
when the one lost will be your
Or Man

Your Father
Cousin or
Best friend

I can only imagine
What the call was like
When your woman heard
When your son realized

I can only imagine
How your momma must feel
I hear your family saying
This can’t be real

we’ve never met
And perhaps we wouldn’t have been friends
But I feel the pain brother
I’m feeling you

Your soul cries out to us
From beyond the grave
Urging us to do something NOW
Make haste

Cause as I watch your baby boy cry
My heart aches

How different will his story be?
How long will it take?
For him to come face to face with the same devastating fate

Walking to school
Or playing with friends
Or having an argument
Or trying to make amends

How long will society
Pit us against them
How long can we wait?
How long to withstand?
The injustices that plague our society
How long racism?
How long white man?

speak brotha
How can we make it right?
How do we answer your blood calling out?
in the night?

When will they see that we all bleed red
Though different skin colors
And textures of hair
We’re human
We’re people
And we deserve to breath
Deserve to be heard
Deserve to be seen

Alton, my brother
How can we make this right?
How do we answer your blood
Call us
in the night?

Do we stomp and stampede in city streets?
Do we protest at state capitals
Demand reciprocity?

Do we bow down
With yes, suh’s
And, no, suh
What can I do for yer, suh?

Do we turn deaf ears
Live lives of perfunctory

We need answers man
How do we shake this world?
Pull heads out of sand

How do we open blinded eyes
So they can clearly see
What happened to you
Is happening to we

How do we open mind?
Full of fog and myths
How do we shape this nation?
Where is the difference?

My brotha
When will they understand
That we are not animals
Just shades of man
We’re not here to take
We just want to live
Have a life
Fall in love
Maybe a few kids

My brotha
I’m standing to make this right
I’m here to answer the call
Of your blood in the night