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Forward Madison FC Unveils Isthmus-Inspired Kits


Forward Madison FC unveiled their Isthmus-inspired jerseys on Saturday afternoon at the newly renovated team store located under the Breese Stevens Field bleachers.

Brian Sylvestre modeled the home goalkeeper jersey and defender Connor Tobin modeled the home jersey at an event packed with supporters. The four kits unveiled Saturday, including home and away field player jerseys and home and away goalkeepers shirts were manufactured by Hummel and designed in-house by Cassidy Sepnieski.

Forward Madison FC’s home kits recall the city of Madison’s flag. Photo supplied.

“We’re beyond excited to unveil our jersey today, which fit the Forward Madison identity perfectly,” Forward FC Managing Director Peter Wilt said. “I believe they’ll be very well-received by Forward Madison fans.”

The goalkeeper home jersey is black and gold while the away jersey is pink with a navy blue flamingo pattern. The team’s away jersey is white with a pink sash while the home jersey is light blue with a white sash representing the Isthmus.

Forward Madison FC chose distinct patterns to honor the city including Hummel’s signature chevrons signifying “Forward” and the words “Forward For Madison” printed in the inside collar of the home jersey. The words “Loud. Vibrant. Unwavering.” are printed inside the collar of the away jersey, referencing the motto of The Flock, the independent supporters’ association.

“The designs and jersey quality both turned out great,” Wilt said. “While the away, alternate and goalkeeper kits will surely have different looks in the future, our hope is that the classic home design will become a standard known for all time. The Madison city flag color base, the sash representing the isthmus and the inclusion of the Forward flamingo will become iconic representations of Madison’s professional soccer team.”

Each jersey features the logo of Dairyland Insurance on the front. Forward Madison F.C. President Vern Stenman said the kits were made possible in part by corporate sponsors. The club announced a three-year agreement last Friday.

“Soccer is a sport that really relies on the corporate community to help as well,” Stenman said.

He also said the club looks forward to calling Breese Stevens Field the home of the highest level of soccer in the state of Wisconsin. Stenman also acknowledged the support of The Flock which he said was one of the most amazing parts about bringing professional soccer to Madison.

“We also aim to be quite unwavering. No matter what the performance on the field is, we’re always going to be there. We’re always going to support this club,” The Flock President Andrew Schmidt said.

During the event, The Flock rehearsed their first chat, a rendition of “I Love You Baby,” one the chants the supporters plan on energizing the crowd with at games. The team will kick off its first-ever game on April 6 and will face Greenville Triumph SC at home for the first time April 27.