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Gov. Evers Prohibits Gatherings of 50 or More, Limits Restaurant Capacity

Gov. Tony Evers (Photo by A. David Dahmer)

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has prohibited gatherings of 50 people or more statewide to slow the spread of coronavirus, he announced in a conference call with reporters Monday.

The federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended not gathering in groups of more than 50.

“Folks, it’s on all of us to practice social distancing,” Evers said.

Critical services like grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies and daycare centers are exempt.

Restaurants and bars can remain open, as long as they “follow social distancing guidelines,” meaning they must not allow more than 50 people in at a time — or 50 percent of their normal capacity, whichever is less.

DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said 14 new cases were found in Wisconsin over the weekend, bringing the total to 46. Chief Medical Officer of the state Bureau of Communicable Diseases Dr. Ryan Westegaard said the conditions of those patients ranges from no symptoms to critically ill.

“This growth is not unexpected,” said DHS Secretary-designee Andrea Palm.

“The coronavirus pandemic has entered a new phase,” said Westgaard, as cases have begun to appear in people who have not traveled out of state.

Evers said he empathized with people whose lives have been disrupted, but had praise for school district leaders as well as people across the state.

“I’m proud of but not surprised by the response from the people of Wisconsin,” Evers said. “Everybody’s taking it on the chin here.”