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Hospitalizations continue to drop as Dane County reports 386 new cases

Graphic courtesy Public Health Madison & Dane County

Dane county reported 386 new coronavirus cases Sunday, bringing the cumulative total to 27,124 cases. The number of recovered cases is at 21,974 as active cases rose slightly to 5,071 or 18.7 percent of all cases. Total cases as of 30 days ago have grown 73 percent.

Today, the number of people currently hospitalized in Dane County — both Dane County residents and people from neighboring counties — has fallen to 158, 40 of whom are in the ICU.

For Dane County residents, the number of people ever hospitalized for COVID-19 has grown by seven from yesterday’s reported 771 to 778. The additional seven Dane County residents includes five women, two people in their 80s and 20s, and one person in their 90s, 70s and 50s.

The number of hospitalizations for residents in the County continues to impact adults 60 and older the most for the past few weeks. Madison365 has graphed that growth from information gathered daily from PHMDC’s data which reflects that the number of hospitalized cases in those in their 90s grew by 32.6 percent while adults in their 70s grew by 21.0 percent with those in their 60s growing about 18.5 percent since November 15.

Hospitalizations also continue to significantly impact our communities of color with those who are Asian grew by 24.1 percent and those who are American Indian growing about 20 percent from two weeks ago. Hospitalizations for those who identify as  Hispanic/Latinix in our community have grown 10.2 percent and 8.9 percent for those who are Black in the past two weeks.

Of the 386 new cases reported today, 283 were attributed to November 28 while an additional 81 cases were attributed to November 27, increasing that day’s positive test count to 128. There were also 15 cases on November 26 which brought that total to 342 and four for November 25. The rest of the cases were attributed to dates earlier this week. The seven day average of cases is now at 265.6 while our 14 day average is at 331.8 as of November 27.

All age groups today but those in their 80s and 90s, which grew by seven and nine new cases respectively, had at least double digits. Adults in their 20s had the largest number of new cases with 68, or 27.7 percent as adults in their 30s grew closely behind by 67, followed by adults in their 40s with 66 cases. Those aged 10-19 grow by 61 cases, in their 50s by 44, in their 60s by 28, children under 10 by 24 and adults in their 70s by 12.

Looking at growth over the past two weeks, infection in those older than 90 has grown 29.4 percent since November 15 while children aged 0-9 have grew by 26 percent and adults in their 60s by 23.8 percent.

In terms of case growth for the past two weeks for our communities of color, cases among Black people in our county have grown 26.1 percent while Asian people have grown about 24.6 percent. Those who are American Indian have grown by 24 percent while those who are Hispanics in our community grew by 23.1 percent since November 14.

The most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for November 28 at 9.5 percent while November 27 has grown to 4.8. The positive percentage for November 26 has also been updated to 8.1 while November 25 has adjusted to 5.6 and November 24 is at 4.1. November 12, which holds the record for the highest single percentage of positive, is at 10.5. Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. As of November 28, the 7 day percentage of positive for the county is at 6.1 while the 14 day average is at 6.3. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

UW will not be posting any updates until Monday, November 30.

Madison365 updated our weekly map for COVID-19 cases within our county tracts this past Friday. Our team will continue to update this data and publish it weekly.

We will have an update later this afternoon for statewide numbers after 2 pm.