‘I’m a Boss Queen’: 6-year-old makes rap music video to inspire others


    She wasn’t the biggest conversationalist in front of our cameras, but when she’s in the studio, she said, “I really am a queen!”

    The queen was inspired by her dad, Tahj Stewart, who’s been making music for the last eight years.

    Tahj Stewart’s love for music has deep roots. It all started after his friend went missing in Beloit on Aug. 6, 2011.

    “I started making music when he went missing,” Stewart said. “It’s pretty much been all energy since then.”

    His friend, who goes by the stage name KO, was never found.

    It pushed Stewart to continue doing what KO loved by getting behind the mic.

    “That was the main thing that he did,” Stewart said. “He actually really got a lot of our friends involved with making music.”

    And after seeing the fire that lit up when her dad got behind the mic, it inspired Zaidah Stewart to do it too.

    “She basically just told me one day when we were in the studio, ‘Dad I want to make a song.’ I was like, ‘OK let’s do it. I ain’t gonna hold you back from it,’” Stewart said.

    Stewart helped his daughter produce her first music video and it turned out to be more than just a fun project.

    “This is actually pretty cool because it’s like, the hook is so catchy. So all the little girls singing, ‘I’m a boss queen.’ I just feel like that’s super catchy and super inspiring because it’s telling them ‘I’m a boss, I’m a queen’ at any age. Young age, anything. I think words are very powerful,” Stewart said.

    Zaidah Stewart loved it so much she’s planning on starting an early career from it.

    “I want to make 100 songs!” she said.

    As a way to teach others that music can bring people together in times of hardships and inspire others who may lack that confidence at the same time, Tahj Stewart said, “I feel like it’s really a good push seeing a little 6-year-old killin’ it.”