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Jacqueline Craig Arrest Bodycam Video, Documents Leaked


The police bodycam video of the arrest of Jacqueline Craig and her daughter, along with reports and other documents related to the case, were anonymously leaked to the family’s attorney and the online news source The Root.

The video shows Officer William Martin suddenly and without provocation arresting Craig and her daughter Brea Hymond after Craig called to report her 7-year-old son being assaulted by a white man who accused the boy of littering.

Rather than arrest the white man, Martin asked Craig why she didn’t teach her son not to litter and implied that littering gave the white man license to assault the child.

The arrest went viral on Facebook after a bystander posted cell phone video, but the body camera video shows more, including Martin using excessive force to get Hymond, 19, to answer his questions, twisting the teen’s handcuffed arms. In addition, Martin is seen kicking Craig’s other daughter, a 15-year-old girl, seconds after she attempts to wiggle into his car without the use of her hands.

Martin was suspended for 10 days but charges are still pending against Craig and Hymond.