Latino Professionals Association of Greater Madison

The Latino Professionals Association of Greater Madison’s Brindis del Exito Celebration this Saturday, May 5, will be a great opportunity for community businesses and organizations to support the growth and accomplishments of area Latinx professionals.

“This will be our 4th annual Brindis del Exito Celebration. The translation for that is ‘A Toast to Your Success.’ Our tagline is Tu exito es el exito de todos which means ‘Your success is our success.’ Brindis del Exito is a celebration that gathers LPA members, Madison businesses, sponsors, partners and community leaders to honor our members and their achievements and recognitions that they received during 2017,” Latino Professionals Association Marketing VP Yuly Osorio tells Madison365.

“The event itself is a significant opportunity for community leaders and community organizations and other businesses to support the Latino professional community and also to network and possibly make new friendships and partnerships at the event,” she adds.

Megan Diaz will emcee the 4th annual Brindis del Exito Celebration.
[Photo by Hedi Rudd]

The event will be in a new venue this year – the big banquet hall of NOAH’s of Madison with a patio on American Family Drive. The emcee for the event will be Megan Diaz, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“She’s going to graduate this month in sociology. She is a mentor in the Verona-area School District, mentoring middle school kids,” Osorio says. “She teaches about social justice and Latinx history and identity. She’s also an LPA member. She’s going to be great. We’re really excited to have her.”

The theme for this year’s Brindis del Exito Celebration is Venetian Masquerade Ball.

“We will be having food from Fuegos Tapas and Vegan Restaurant on Willy Street,” Osorio says. “We will have entertainment from a new band – Orquesta Mas Madison All-Stars. It’s a new project. It’s a band with around 15 members so it’s going to be awesome entertainment all night.”

Orquesta Mas Madison All-Stars

The Latino Professionals Association has existed in Madison for five years now. Its mission is to recognize and enhance the lives of Latino professionals in the Madison area for leadership development, professional growth, civic and public engagement, and personal enrichment.

“The Latino Professionals Association is growing quite a bit and that makes us really happy,” Osorio says. “We’re up to more than 300 members. We’re having new partnerships and sponsorships with other great companies in the Madison area.

“This year, we’ve been working on new programs and new initiatives within our four pillars – career growth, leadership development, civic engagement and personal enrichment,” she adds. “We are developing programs that are dealing with those specific areas. We are going to help our members to become engaged this year even more than in previous years. We will be providing workshops, seminars, more spaces for networking and making connections.”

At the 4th annual Brindis del Exito Celebration, there will be an open bar for both wine and beer. Osorio stresses that the Brindis is not just for LPA members, it’s for the whole community.

“This is a highlight of our members. We’re recognizing our members’ achievements. It’s a way to say ‘thank you’ to them and to showcase the Latino professional talent that we have in Madison,’ she says. “This is a special event for the Latino community because as a Latino professional you will go to this event and see you fellow Latino professionals succeeding in their fields and you’re going to say, “OK. If he can do it, I can do it. If she can do it, I can do it, too. If they do it, I can do it.’ It’s going to be a very motivational and inspirational event for the Latino community.

“It’s also going to be a great event for organizations and corporations around Madison because they are going to invest in the Latino talent,” Osorio adds. “They are going to be motivated to find out more about us because they will see that we can do the work and that we are very talented. They will see that they can bring this talent to their companies and continue to make the work environment diverse.”

For more information about the 4th annual Brindis del Exito Celebration, click here.