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Leslie Jones, Olympic Correspondent?

Epic live-tweeting of Olympics gets comedian an invite to Rio


Just last month, comedian Leslie Jones was being hammered on Twitter with racist harassment led by well-known conservative agitator Milo Yiannopoulos (who was permanently banned from Twitter as a result). Now, Twitter has earned her an invite to Rio.

Her near-constant, often hilarious and unabashedly patriotic live-tweets of the first full day of Olympic coverage yesterday got the attention of fans or athletes — Jones was hilariously delighted to get a retweet from American beach volleyball star Kerry Walsh Jennings, and the American women’s swimming team is sending her a swim cap.

Her live tweeting didn’t escape the notice of NBC, either.

Following the suggestion of a Twitter user, NBC producer Jim Bell tweeted to Jones late last night, “You’re officially invited, want to come?”

Jones responded, ““Hmmmm don’t play cause y’all need me! I would have the whole Olympics pumped!!”

In another video tweet, Jones playfully ribbed anchor Bob Costas for not having enough “spark.”

Her tweets have ranged from unabashed USA homerism to awe at the endurance of road race cyclists to marveling at women with guns.

No word yet whether she’s accepted the invitation, though it’d make some sense — Jones is still one of the stars of the NBC show Saturday Night Live.