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Local Artists Give YWCA a Playful Mural Makeover


On Wednesday, the YWCA dedicated its vibrant new mural courtesy of Dane Arts Mural Arts and West High School alternative school, SAIL.

The mural covers the length of the space with images of animals and people of all races playing on both land and sea.

“Our artists met with YWCA residents at a community dinner to ask what they would like the mural to look like,” said Sharon Kilfoy, DAMA director. “The theme is very playful but also very relaxing”

The artists stressed the importance of including YWCA residents in the decision-making process for the mural. Residents are primarily women and children who are homeless or in need of transitional housing due to domestic violence situations.

YWCAMural2The room, located of the eleventh floor of the YWCA’s downtown location, is used primarily as a community playroom filled with toys and recreation space for children of residents.

“You can look out the window and see the Capitol and it’s a gorgeous view, so the residents said they didn’t want a Dane county landscape because they already had that. They wanted something more playful and inspirational for the kids,” Kilfoy said.

The mural was completed in just three weeks by community volunteers, students from the SAIL program and DAMA lead artists Emida Roller and Alicia Rheal.

YWCAMural3DAMA usually works with students from local alternative schools when working with murals.

‘We work with kids who usually don’t have access to this kind of stuff, so it’s more than being an artist it’s discovering yourself,” said Roller.

Funding for the artists was provided by Eliot and Sara Butler of the Great Dane Pub and Brewery and paint for the projected was donated by Hallman Lindsay paints headquartered in Sun Prairie.

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