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LULAC Honors Annunciation House, Fallen Teen Hero at Awards Banquet

The parents of Kendrick Castillo receive a posthumous honor on behalf of their son. Photo by L. Malik Anderson.

Joined by Presidential hopeful Mayor de Blasio and Senator Michael Bennet, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) honored those who gave outstanding service to the Hispanic Community this past year at their Presidential Awards Banquet during their national convention in Milwaukee. Honorable Martha Bárcerna Coqui, Mexican Ambassador to the United States, and Honorable Carmelo Rios, Puerto Rico’s Senate Majority Leader, also spoke at the event.

“LULAC is committed to protecting and defending Latinos across the United States and Puerto Rico,” said Domingo Garica, LULAC National President, “We are proud tonight to honor those who have dedicated their lives to helping others and making this a better world.” 

Ruben Garcia, winner of the Ohtili Award from the government of Mexico for those who are dedicated to improving the lives and well being of Mexicans living abroad, was honored for his work in aiding immigrants and asylum seekers fleeing violence in both Mexico and Central America as director of Annunciation House. Opened and founded by Ruben Garcia in 1978, Annunciation House is located in El Paso, Texas.

Kendrick Castillo was also honored last night with LULAC’s Medal of Honor for Heroism. Castillo was the 18-year old killed during a shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Denver Colorado. As reported in previous news reports, as Castillo and his classmates were watching “The Princess Bride” in class, one of the gunmen entered the classroom and demanded that no one move.  Castillo was the first to rush the gunman and was fatally shot. The medal was presented last night to John and Maria Castillo, Kendrick’s parents.