Every spring, the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) honors and showcases the efforts of local Madison musicians of all ages and genres by hosting an annual award show. This year’s 2019 MAMA Awards will take place on Sunday, June 9th in the Capitol Theater of the Overture Center.

“I think the easiest way to explain it is that it’s Madison’s version of the Grammy Awards,” Beth Kille, executive producer of the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) Awards Show, tells Madison365. “We give out awards to musicians in over 70 different categories ranging from classical to punk rock in categories like ‘Performer of the Year,’ ‘Artist of the Year,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ etc.”

This award show, along with the many other initiatives of MAMA throughout the year, raises money to foster the next generation of musicians by funding youth music programs and by putting instruments in the hands of kids who might not otherwise have them.

“Because our organization is designed to support youth programs, at our annual MAMA Awards we also honor a ‘Teacher of the Year,’ a ‘Student of the Year.’ We recognize youth musicians, as well,” Kille says.

MAMA is a volunteer-run organization and although they sometimes have limited people power for outreach, they are looking for maximum diversity of Madison’s musical talent represented at their annual MAMA Award Show. “We’ve always had a desire to be inclusive of all genres of music, but sometimes getting those initiatives off the ground have been difficult,” Kille says. “Partnering with organizations like UCAN has been really critical in making sure that we are reaching all audiences.”

Last November, Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN) and the Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) announced that they were coming together in a collaborative effort in a variety of ways to increase the awareness and appreciation of Hip-Hop music in the Madison area.

Last year, the MAMAs also introduced a Latin genre of music and that really mobilized the Latino community to get involved. “We’ve also brought on [Colombian musician] Angela Puerta to be our community outreach coordinator for the show and she has been amazing,” Kille says.

Grupo Candela performs at the 2018 MAMA Awards Show.
(Photo by M.O.D. Media)

Puerta, a well-known Latina musician, has been working with MAMA this year to help us add some diversity to our applicants for the awards, as well as attendees for the show.

The MAMAs are looking for as many applicants as possible for this year’s MAMA Awards Show. The way that it works is that artists need to register themselves for the awards show.

“I think that sometimes people think, ‘Well, I don’t want to nominate myself’ because they are modest,” Kille says. “But that’s how it works at all levels of the music industry from the country music awards shows to the Grammy’s – you have to put yourself in the room for those types of awards.

“In the first round of judging, there can be up to 40 people or acts in a single category so we have to whittle that down,” Kille adds. “The first round of voting will start at the beginning of February and we will whittle each category down to four top categories. Then there will be a second round of voting and the winners will be revealed at the awards show.”

To make it easier for potential nonminees, you can click on a link to a step-by-step guide here.

“For people who might be a little newer to the process, the nomination process can be a little overwhelming, so we want to make it as easy as possible,” Kille says. “We have a step-by-step guide that tells you what you need to get ready and then you can just sit down and go. We are hoping to have a very diverse number of applicants this year.”

The MAMA Award show is on Sunday, June 9. Performers/musicians need to register themselves by Jan. 25. Register here.