Madison College will present Sonya Renee Taylor on Monday, March 11, 7-9 p.m. at Madison College, 1701 Wright St.

Madison College Book Club (MC-BC) and friends invite you to Madison College Speaking Series, featuring poet, educator, and social justice activist Sonya Renee Taylor, author of “The Body is Not an Apology.”

The purpose of this annual literary experience is to provide access to experiences such as book clubs and readings to everyone; and to provide spaces to have deep discussions in the community. “This Body is Not an Apology” will give you deep insights, inspirations, and concrete tools to launch the right revolution in your body.

Sonya is a dynamic visionary and global thought leader bringing nuance, compassion and innovative approaches to some of the world’s most challenging social issues. Whether discussing body terrorism at the Obama White House Forum on Disability and LGBTQ Issues, inspiring college graduates as a commencement speaker or exploring the intersection of technology and social change with Silicon Valley, Sonya Renee Taylor is called globally to use her keen insight and power to speak into being a more just, equitable, and compassionate world.

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