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Multiple events dedicated to legendary jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter scheduled for Saturday’s Madison Jazz Festival

Legendary jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter (Photo supplied.)

Earlier this year, legendary jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter passed away at the age of 89. With Shorter’s work being influential enough to garner him 23 Grammy nominations, it is no surprise that this year’s Madison Jazz Festival will be dedicating a whole day to his legacy on Saturday, June 10. 

Events for the day will begin with a presentation on Wayne Shorter’s legacy by Madison keyboardist Dave Stoler at the Sequoya Library at 10:30 a.m. That event will be free, as will a Wayne Shorter jam session with saxophonist and composer Chris Greene at Cafe CODA from 1-4 p.m. 

The day’s events will culminate in a ticketed Wayne Shorter tribute concert featuring Pawan Benjamin, Russ Johnson, Clay Lyons, John Christensen, Dave Stoler, and Wayne Saltzman at Cafe CODA at 8 p.m.

Stoler spoke to Madison365 on just how important Shorter’s legacy is and gives good reason for any jazz fan to show up to the presentation kicking off the day. 

“I feel that, as a performer, composer and improviser, he exemplifies a high artistic benchmark for other musicians to follow,” Stoler told Madison365. “In each stage of his musical development, he was able to use aspects of his own identity, perception and experiences to create an indelible musical legacy.”

The well-renowned powerhouse of Jazz is remembered for albums such as “Speak No Evil” and “Adam’s Apple.” Shorter would have a long and impactful career, along with collaborating and playing with other legendary musicians such as Miles Davis and Carlos Santana. 

Stoler spoke to Shorter’s constant innovation as a crucial component of the legacy Sequoya Library attendees can plan to learn about. 

“The most important takeaway is that Wayne Shorter remained engaged and curious, in a way that often generated original and unexpected musical results at a very high level. That kind of consistency is exceedingly rare, in comparison to most of his contemporaries, and those who followed him.”

Shorter had a hand in multiple groups, but most notably was the co-founder of jazz group Weather Report with fellow member Joe Zawinul. Albums such as “Heavy Weather” showcase Shorter’s ability to both shine individually and work as part of a talented collective. 

Be sure to check out the day of events specifically for June 10 this upcoming Madison Jazz Fest in honor of Wayne Shorter’s contribution to the world of Jazz. A contribution that will have a lasting impact in the eyes of many.     

“I believe that his musical language changed and continues to change the way musicians, and even rank-and-file listeners, hear music at a fundamental level,” said Stoler in consideration of how Shorter’s legacy will carry on. 

“There are attributes in his compositions and even recorded solos which continue to be used by today’s composers and players. In that sense, the old trope about imitation being the highest form of flattery is accurate.”


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