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Munger: Support Muldrow for School Board

Ali Muldrow

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I’m writing to urge you to support Ali Muldrow for Madison school board. In addition to being a talented leader and wonderful human being, Ali will provide vision, leadership and perspective we need at this time of great challenges for public education generally, and Madison schools in particular.

Ali was born and raised in a working-class family in Madison, and her love of and commitment to the community is second to none. Ali attended Madison public schools from kindergarten until she graduated from East High School, and she has worked in education system as a custodian, as support staff, and as an educator. As such, Ali speaks from a deep well of experience regarding issues facing our schools.

As co-director of GSAFE, a statewide group that works to create safe school environments for LGBTQ students, she has demonstrated both her steadfast commitment to safe learning environments that are welcoming and inclusive for students of all backgrounds, cultures, languages, and identities, and has demonstrated her leadership and ability to drive organizational change. As a woman of color and an out member of the LGBTQ community, she would bring much-needed perspective to a school board that presides over a district facing many challenges with regard to equity and inclusion, including well-documented racial disparities.

Ali’s demonstrated support for unions, for public educators and for the labor movement are some of the key reasons I am voting for her and asking you to do the same. Ali grew up in a union household: her mother, Julie, is a state employee and proud union member, as is her younger sister Elise, and her partner is a dues-paying member of Madison Teachers Inc. Like many of us, Ali fought passionately against Act 10 and other attacks on labor by Scott Walker and Republicans in the legislature.

I take these issues very seriously. Apart from having kids in public school, I’ve been involved in progressive and labor politics for nearly 20 years, working for Ralph Nader and the Nation magazine as well as Bill Clinton and John Kerry, and most recently Tony Evers (as part of his transition team). Nearly every one of my jobs has either been unionized or supported by public sector labor. It is with my own commitment to labor in mind that I say that Ali is the right person at the right time and one of the best-qualified candidates for school board I have ever encountered.


Sam Munger
Former Director of External Affairs, State Innovation Exchange (SIX)