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Neil Heinen: Cincinnati’s Gain is Madison’s Loss


By Neil Heinen
News 3 Editorial Director

We’ve got a couple of months before Michael Johnson actually leaves Madison for his new job, so we’ll have more to say about his legacy then. But it’s not too early to consider the ramifications of his resignation and what it says about Madison.

Of course, first it says this about Johnson: He’s a special talent with a proven track record and a bright future he has worked for and earned. The Boys & Girls Club of Dane County he leaves is light years ahead of the one he inherited.

His leadership has set a new standard here, and while his style may have rubbed some folks the wrong way, it was effective and genuine and we have been and are fans and supporters of Mr. Johnson.

But Johnson has changed Dane County as well, not the least by making the Boys & Girls Club one of the most important advocates and providers of resources for our children and our families and a voice for justice and equity. More on all that later.