President Barack Obama gave some advice to President-elect Donald Trump as he bid farewell to the White House press corps during the final press conference of his presidency today.

“This is a job of such magnitude that you can’t do it by yourself,” Obama said. “You are enormously reliant on a team: your cabinet, your senior White House staff, all the way to fairly junior folks in their 20s and 30s, but executing on significant responsibilities. And so, how you put a team together to make sure that they are getting you the best information and they are teeing up the options is probably the most useful constructive advice I’ve been able to give him.

“It is appropriate for him to go forward with his vision and his values, and I don’t expect that there’s going to be, you know, enormous overlap,” Obama added. “It may be that on certain issues, once he comes into office and he looks at the complexities of how to, in fact, provide healthcare for everybody, something he says he wants to do, or wants to make sure that he is encouraging job creation and wage growth in this country, that may lead him to some of the same conclusions that I arrived at once I got here. But I don’t think we’ll know until he has an actual chance to get sworn in and sit behind that desk.”

President Obama said that former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning had served a tough prison term and defended his decision to commute her 35-year sentence to about seven years served and said it would not signal leniency toward leakers of U.S. government secrets.

“The notion that the average person who is thinking about exposing vital classified information will think that it goes unpunished; I don’t think would get that impression from the sentence that Chelsea Manning has served,” Obama said. “I feel very comfortable that justice has still been served.

“It has been my view that given she went to trial, that due process was carried out, that she took responsibility for her crime, that the sentence that she received was very disproportionate relative to what other leakers had received, and that she had served a significant amount of time, that it made sense to commute and not pardon her sentence,” Obama added.

Obama also pushed back against a proposal being floated by President-elect Donald Trump’s team about moving the reporters out of the White House.

“Having you in this building has made this place work better, it keeps us honest … it makes us work harder,” Obama said.

President Obama told the reporters that they had an important job.

“My hope is that you will continue with the same tenacity that you showed us to do the hard work of getting to the bottom of stories and getting them right and to push those of us in power to be the best version of ourselves and to push this country to be the best version of itself,” Obama said. “I have no doubt that you will do so, I’m looking forward to being an active consumer of your work rather than always the subject of it. I want to thank you all for your extraordinary service to our democracy.”