Proud Theater, committed to racial, social, economic, gender, queer, and trans justice in all aspects of its programming, has both mentorship and volunteer opportunities that are now available for a chance to make a difference in the Madison community.

Proud Theater is a LGBTQ+ and allied youth theater, empowerment, and leadership development organization in Madison committed to creating innovative and original performance work directly out of youths’ intersectional identities and experiences and engaging in community advocacy, education, and arts-activism. They are a volunteer-powered organization who are now in their 16th season and are currently seeking volunteer mentors for their 2015-2016 season.

◆ Interested in getting involved in the change-making work of Proud Theater?
◆ Want to work directly with Proud Theater’s brilliant, diverse, multi-racial group of LGBTQ youth and allied youth in our collaborative artistic process?
◆ Want to be part of building platform for youths’ voices and leadership?
◆ Want to explore the multiple ways to volunteer with Proud Theater?
◆ Got experience and a passion for creative work with young people?

Proud Theater is now accepting applications for its 2015-2016 season. LGBTQ+ people of color and trans* folks strongly encouraged to apply.

For an application, detailed Mentor job description, information about other volunteer opportunities, and any other questions please e-mail: . In your e-mail please share why you would be passionate about working with Proud Theater and what you have to offer.