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Reedsburg-based Hankscraft donates 100,000 gloves to Boys and Girls Club


Engineering and manufacturing firm Hankscraft, based in Reedsburg, has donated 100,000 poly gloves and an A for the protection of people in need in the Madison area.

One of Hankscraft’s products is the Aeroglove, a device that allows for shoppers to easily slip on a poly glove to handle produce and other grocery items safely. The company is also donating several Aeroglove devices.

Hankscraft is donating the gloves to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, which will distribute the gloves in coordination with partner Madison365.

“We at Hankscraft wanted to help those who help our community and we are impressed with all of the meaningful work that the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County provides to so many families and residents within our area that we made a decision to donate the Aeroglove Protection device, along with an ample amount of protective gloves to support and protect the many workers and volunteers within our communities,” Hankscraft president Ron Wright said in a statement.

We are thankful for this generous donation of 100,000 gloves. This gift is just absolutely amazing and very thoughtful,” said Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson. “I am amazed by the innovation of the machines that are coming with this donation and number of community partners we will be able to help as the assist our community during these challenging times.”

I am continuously amazed at how giving people are in Wisconsin,” said Madison365 CEO Henry Sanders. “The business community has really come through in one of our most vulnerable times. This is just another example of a small business seeing the need and stepping up.”

The Aeroglove was developed by Ken Balkin, former owner of Ella’s Deli of Madison, according to a press release from Hankscraft.

When first developed five years ago, it “was a little ahead of its time,” Wright said. “We always knew it would have a place and time in which it would become a very useful and important device in every day life like we are experiencing today. We are very pleased to working with Mr. Johnson and his staff, who will be able to carry on their important work within our communities with a little more added protection now and in the future.”