The Richie Morales Social Justice Art Opening will be held at the Social Justice Center on Wednesday, Sept. 23 titled “One can only heal that which one is willing to see” “Uno sólo puede sanar aquello que está dispuesto a mirar”

Please join Ricardo “Richie” Morales, Guatemalan social justice artist presenting his new series of 6 large paintings (4X8ft) depicting the epochs and effects of State violence on immigrant, poor and communities of color in the U.S. Richie envisions for these pieces to deepen and root the connections among different racial and ethnic groups in town and beyond. After this event the paintings will be housed in community centers that are accessible to the communities that inspired them around Madison.

You can support this project by donating for it in this link facilitated by Centro Hispano:–noticias-recientes.html, or during the day of the event itself.