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Saturday Science focuses on celebrating Black innovators in STEAM


Special promotional content provided by Discovery Outreach.

The Black History Month edition of Saturday Science, from Discovery Outreach, will focus on Black leaders in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics). The virtual event takes place Saturday, February 20 — but the celebration is already underway, and will continue past February. 

“We want to make sure that we have representation,” says Travis Tangen, education and outreach manager at Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which produces Saturday Science in partnership with the Morgridge Institute for Research. “Part of our mission is to help bring about an awareness of opportunities and connections and build relationships, having youth be able to see themselves in STEM.”

The monthly Saturday Science is set for 10 am Saturday, presented virtually at https://discovery.wisc.edu/saturdayscience and on the Discovery Building’s Facebook page. It is free and open to the public and will allow participants to discover past and present Black innovators who have transformed the field of science through technology, engineering, art and more; meet Black researchers and entrepreneurs in the Madison area; learn what items you use every day were developed by Black inventors; and more.

But the Saturday Science celebration of Black History Month is already underway, as Discovery Outreach has published video interviews with local Black innovators to discover how they connected with STEAM, what barriers they’ve overcome and what they plan for the future. Conducted by Morgridge Institute assistant outreach coordinator Jerrod Buckner, the first set of interviews are available below, and many more are scheduled for the rest of February and beyond and published on Facebook.


Shiheina Munye, UW-Madison student



Toni Glymph-Martin, environmental microbiologist



Eva Coppage Aranda, CALS academic advisor, and Eva Vivian, pharmacy professor



Joel Lewis, owner, Simply Living 24-7



Thomas Brown, UW-Madison senior associate dean



Amadou Daff, UW-Madison economics major



Adrian Outlaw, owner of Essence by Raine, and Jasmine Banks, owner of Imperfect Perfections