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Saturday’s “I’m Every Woman” Event Will Uplift Women in Transition


Brandice Hatcher plans to uplift women in transition by giving them purses filled with hygiene items, water and snacks at the “I’m Every Woman” event on Saturday, Nov. 9, 10 a.m.-noon at The Beacon homeless day resource center.

“The items we are looking for are sanitary pads, wipes, flushable wipes, combs, brushes, socks, chapstick, and other items,” she said.

Hatcher said this will be the first event under her motivational company Righteous Voice Mentoring. She has collaborated with the women of Unique Madness Social Club of Madison, whose mission is to “empower and promote a unique sisterhood amongst women while providing service within our communities.” The group has held similar events for homeless men in the past.

Hatcher, however, would like to focus on the women who are homeless. She said she wants to show women in transition that people have not forgotten about them. A lot of the materials and purses used to carry the hygiene products have been donated.

“The purpose of it is to show women in transition appreciation or that someone is thinking of them and we don’t call them homeless, we call them women in transition because they’re going somewhere,” Hatcher told Madison365.

Sample of things that are needed to go inside the purses for the woman in transition on Saturday, Nov. 9.

She and the women of Unique Madness Social Club began seeking donations from the community to help fill the purses. Hatcher also accepted purchases online via Amazon Wishlist and other monetary donations.

She even reached out to a few businesses like Chic-Fil-A and Kwik Trip asking for their support as well. Unfortunately, she did not receive the support from some of these places, however, some community members felt more than willing to donate.

“A fella gave me a $20 gift card for Walmart and I went and got 40 pairs of socks,” Hatcher said.

She said she knows how to catch a bargain. Hatcher made the Amazon Wishlist available to the public. She solicited help purchasing items like small 2-ounce travel size containers for transferring large bottles of body wash or lotion.

“I am hoping this will bring light to me being noticed for the work that I am and will be doing,” Hatcher said.

She would like this event to help bring awareness to her organization. Hatcher created Righteous Voice Motivation after deciding to be the mentor she wanted when she was young. She came up with the idea about two years ago.

Hatcher said the organization is all about helping young Black girls find their voice. She wants to mentor young Black girls, especially those going to social, emotional challenges.

“I’m on the sixth stage of my life right now which is my stage of reinvention. I just figured out what I want to do in my life two months ago,” Hatcher said.

Like women who are in transition, Hatcher said she is headed in a new direction in her life. As a mother of two who is also enrolled in courses, she hopes to give back to the community when she can.

“When we talk about transition, most of us are half a check away from being in their position so why not show them that somebody else appreciates them,” Hatcher said.