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SPEAK.Studio, a tech company offering end-to-end podcasting services, to host “hello world” launch party this weekend

Matt Boatright-Simon, founder of SPEAK

​​A mix of technology and podcasting is getting to open its doors to the Madison community after spending the last year fine-tuning its processes.

SPEAK.Studio, a tech company that offers end-to-end podcasting services, will host its “hello world” launch party this weekend at the Urban League’s Black Business Hub to meet and greet the community and give a deeper look into its work. SPEAK aims to solve a problem found in podcasting: making services more accessible and removing friction in getting ideas out there.

Now, after taking the time to hammer out final details, SPEAK is ready to take on Madison with its official launch party.

“We’re here with the community, and hopefully it’ll be fun and interesting and help people think about the idea of audios and ideas, podcasts, via technology in a different way pretty deeply and meaningfully,” said Matt Boatright-Simon, founder of SPEAK. “We are the content technology platform, leveraging all the magic of both.”

SPEAK uses a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain to marry audio production together on its platform. Optimize your podcasts with us to achieve a flawless episode every time. While it has already had its platform live in a minimum capacity, it spent time trying to achieve “elegance,” as Boatright-Simon describes it.

Boatright-Simon likens the time spent the past year bringing SPEAK to elegance as an airplane or restaurant, with its various components or fine crafting its menu, but is working on a unique twist that no one else has before.

“It’s a really crowded marketplace. There’s a lot of production companies and tech companies, but there aren’t a lot of production, content and technology companies together,” Boatright-Simon said. “This is the start of our journey, not the finish line.”

The launch party is the first step in its journey in Madison. Previously, in its work setting up, Boatright-Simon was a part of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Pressure Chamber startup initiative in Aug. 2023. Its next steps after the launch party is to continue on with its work and bring a studio.

SPEAK will hold its launch party on Saturday, Feb. 24, 6:30-9 p.m. at the Urban League’s Black Business Hub, 2222 S. Park St.

The event is free to attend. Registration for launch part can be found on SPEAK’s website.