The Hmong Institute will be thanking dedicated healthcare workers in the Madison area by providing eggrolls and fried rice to local health care hospitals and clinics during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted to recognize and thank the dedicated men and women who are sacrificing their own health and well-being for us in this global fight against COVID-19,” Peng Her, CEO of The Hmong Institute, in a statement. “During a national emergency, everyone uses their skills to support each other.”

The Hmong Institute’s mission is to empower the community through educating, preserving, and promoting the Hmong heritage.

“Healthcare workers care for the sick, truck drivers deliver needed goods and we know how to cook. We are supporting our community by providing nourishment to our healthcare workers so they can continue saving lives,” Her says. “This is how we build community, by supporting each other. We are all in this together and together we will get through this.”

This week and next week, The Hmong Institute will be making 1,000 eggrolls with fried rice at the Life Center, 4402 Femrite Drive, and delivering them to local hospitals and clinics in the Madison area. Today, the first delivery will be to Access Community Health Centers at the Erdman Clinic on Madison’s south side and the Evjue Clinic on Madison’s east side at 12:30 p.m.

 Tomorrow, The Hmong Institute will be delivering eggrolls to Unity Point-Meriter at 11 a.m. Next Wednesday, April 22, noon, they will be delivering them to SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital.

The Hmong Institute is working with additional hospitals and clinics to schedule a time for delivery.