Centro Hispano will be hosting its weekly winters farmers’ market – El Mercadito – this afternoon from 3-6 p.m. with International Women’s Day in mind.

“All of our vendors at El Mercadito are smart entrepreneurial women who have been working hard to keep bringing healthy and sustainable food to our tables,” says Marcos Lozano, Centro Hispano Farmers’ Market Manager. “If you would like to stop by and get some ripe mangos, corn products, baked goods, tasty bacon, or even a great value ground grass beef (grass feed), we would love to see you around today.”

Fruits and vegetables available at El Mercadito today
Fruits and vegetables available at El Mercadito today

El Mercadito’s mission is to offer an open and healthy place where members of Madison’s southside community can share their cultural heritage and culinary traditions. The market compliments current efforts to bring healthy food to the south side by adding extra ingredients that will help break some of the barriers and challenges community members face in accessing healthy foods.

“We invite you to spend today at Centro and take home some of what we have for sale including corn products, bakery, tasty bacon, ground beef, mango, guava, lemon, tomato, red and green plantain, Papaya, bananas, onions, and more,” Lozano says.

El Mercadito mimics those community markets in Latin America, Bhutan, and Laos where the markets are more than a place for transactions and sightseeing, they are places where aromas are mixed with a sense of home and security.

“Our weekly Mercadito is an important testament to the power of women,” Centro Hispano Executive Director Karen Menendez Coller tells Madison365. “So many of our vendors are women – sustaining their families with their income, while aspiring for a future that is better for both boys and girls.”

At today’s market, there will be a new vendor featured today. Body Shine, a local company whose director and creator is a young woman from the south Madison area, will be offering personal care and beauty products – all locally made and using natural ingredients.

Centro Hispano of Dane County is located at 810 W. Badger Road.