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 Tomika Vukovic named new co-executive director of organizational empowerment for Wisconsin Voices


Wisconsin Voices Board of Directors has unanimously named Tomika Vukovic as its new co-executive director of organizational empowerment.

Wisconsin Voices, headquartered in Milwaukee, helps people across the state connect with their communities, learn about issues that matter to them, and take action on what they believe. The organization’s goal is “to build a more inclusive democracy by increasing civic participation among all Wisconsinites.”

Vukovic, who most recently served as the finance and administration manager for Milwaukee Turners, tells Madison365 her goal is civic engagement for Wisconsin voices.

“We want to help people, smaller non-profits, to get the tools they need to do civic engagement,” she said in a phone interview on Friday. “Right now our new philosophy is: how do we evaluate their programs? Rather than, how do we change their programs? It’s all about community.

“We moved back to inner-city Milwaukee, 27th and Hope, with the people that we are servicing and that we need to service,” Vukokic adds. “We have a diverse staff.”

In 2017, Vukovic became the first African American woman to be elected in the City of Glendale and has served as a board member for the Glendale-River Hills School Board since 2016. Through leading campaigns and grassroots organizing, Vukovic is well-connected throughout Wisconsin.

“At Wisconsin Voices we are excited to have Tomika join us,” said Jarrett English, Wisconsin Voices Board Chair, in a statement. “She is incredibly connected throughout Wisconsin politically, and most importantly, to many of our communities throughout the state.”

In her co-executive director role, Vukovic will supervise the organizing, policy and data departments of the organization, according to the Wisconsin Voices website, and co-manage the finance, communications and operations departments with Tim Schindler, co-executive director of fundraising and development.

“Tim concentrates more on the finance and funding and I do engagement with the partners and bringing in new partners across the state,” Vukovic says.

Vukovic will begin her new role in mid-February.

“This is a great opportunity. I’m so excited about this,” she tells Madison365.