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Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals to host annual “Join Week”


Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals (ULGMYP) is excited for the 2023 programming year and is looking to expand its membership, along with retaining its current members, by hosting numerous events during it annual “Join Week” from Feb. 5-12. 

Launched in 2012, ULGMYP, a volunteer auxiliary of community leaders ages 21-40, celebrated 10 years of service in the Greater Madison area in 2022. The theme of this year’s “Join Week” will be ‘One Mission, One Movement,’ according to ULGMYP President Kurt Rose, and will feature a weeklong blitz of activities that will cater to young professionals to increase awareness and involvement.

ULGMYP President Kurt Rose

“There will be a lot of good stuff for the community and every event is open to the public. “We’re looking for prospective members,” Rose tells Madison365. “So from a national standpoint, all of our chapters are doing this right now that same week. It’s something that we do annually to raise awareness of what we do from a chapter perspective and to gain interest.”

ULGMYP’s mission is to support the Urban League Movement through volunteerism,
philanthropy and membership development. Throughout the week, the 2023 ULGMYP executive leadership team and committee chairs will be in attendance at the “Join Week” events to engage with current members and meet potential new members and community partners.

At “Join Week,” ULGMYP are not only trying to attract new members but also wanting to get their current members to renew and come back. There will be four big events going on during “Join Week.”

ULGMYP Join Week kicks off on Monday, Feb. 6, 6 p.m., with an open house at Mercies Coffee, located at 1748 Eagan Rd. on Madison’s east side.

“So basically, the open house is a great opportunity for you to interface and network with our members as well as our executive leadership team,” Rose says. “We’ll also have our committee chairs present to provide information about each one of our committees and what they do. So we’ll really get you plugged in on how the organization works inside. It’ll be networking, good times, and fellowship.”  

ULGMYP will host a panel on the legalization of marijuana on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 5:30-7:30 p.m., at the Urban League of Greater Madison, 2222 S Park St., featuring State Sen. Lena Taylor, State Sen. Melissa Agard, criminal defense attorney Joshua Hargrove, and Madison Police Department Chief Shon Barnes.

“We will have two legislators, as well as a lawyer and the chief of police, to talk about what it means to legalize marijuana and what steps need to be taken. How that looks from a legal perspective, all of those pieces. So it’ll just be a conversation and discussion around legalization of marijuana and what that looks like,” Rose says. 

On Saturday, Feb. 11, 9-11 a.m. at the Goodman Community Center, UGLMYP will host YP Youth Service Day.

“We have a really good relationship with the Goodman Community Center. We volunteer with them regularly. So we are really looking forward to that day that gives us an opportunity to serve together as an organization,” Rose says. “It’s a great way to kind of help out the community at the same time learning about the organization.”

Join Week will conclude with a Super Bowl Party at Pooley’s, 5441 High Crossing Blvd., on Madison’s far east side.

Rose says that ULGMYP currently has 81 members. 

 “I think what people like about being in ULGMYP is that our members get to simultaneously give back to the community while also meeting and interacting with other young professionals,” Rose says. “And so it’s a unique space in the city because we’re doing both civic service as well as professional development all in one swoop.”

Rose emphasizes that ULGMYP membership also provides a space for community. 

“A lot of people are transplants or move here from another city or another state. They have difficulty finding that space with other young professionals and individuals who want to talk shop, but also want to socialize,” Rose says. “ULGMYP gives you an opportunity to really network with individuals from across many different professions. So, for instance, we have people from pretty much every company in the city and we have individuals who are in every line of work. So being around all of those diverse thoughts and thinking helps build and mold you as a professional. I’ve really subscribed to [the phrase] ‘iron sharpens iron’ and that’s exactly how we are as the Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals.”

ULGMYP members not only have access to the network here in Dane County but also to the national ULGMYP network.

 “Anywhere you were to go if you were to move away from Madison or if you visit someplace else, you can tap into that networking and find other individuals who are doing the same thing and so that’s great as well,” Rose says. 

“Having the recognition of the Urban League is also an important thing. They do a lot in our community here in Madison, and also are involved a lot with the political scene and they’re building the Black Business Hub right now,” Rose says. “So if you’re interested in being like a true pillar in the community and really getting involved and figuring out what’s going on in finding your space and how you can be a part of the greater Madison community, starting with the Urban League of Greater Madison Young Professionals is a good idea.”

And, the ULGMYP is a fun group.

“We always have a good time together, no doubt,” Rose smiles. “We are proud of the networking and the community work, but we’re also just a space for young professionals to relax and to socialize and to make new friends. Lots of friendships have blossomed from this organization. We’ve all made some close friends in this organization.”


All Join Week events are free to attend, but registration is highly encouraged.  For more information, contact Chassitti Clark, ULGMYP vice president, at