The University of Wisconsin-Madison has announced that they have decided to reinstate former Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Quintez Cephus “effective immediately.”

“UW-Madison has a responsibility to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in a prompt and thorough manner, as directed by state and federal laws. The university applies its code of conduct impartially and consistently regardless of the identities of the individuals involved,” the university said in a statement. “In the case of Quintez Cephus, this process functioned appropriately and in accordance with state and federal guidelines and proceeded based on the information available to UW-Madison at the time of the university’s investigation and hearing process.

“UW-Madison obtained information following the criminal proceeding that was not provided to the university during the student conduct process,” the statement continued. “Chancellor Rebecca Blank conducted a review of this information and the petition for Quintez Cephus’ reinstatement as quickly as possible and in a complete and impartial manner.

“As a result of this review, sanctions for Quintez Cephus have been reduced and his expulsion lifted. There were findings of responsibility of the student non-academic misconduct code that were upheld.”

On Aug. 2, Cephus was found not guilty of all charges after only 45 minutes of jury deliberation.

Dr. Rev. Marcus Allen of Mount Zion Baptist Church, who is president of the African American Council of Churches in Madison (AACCM) and a member of the Black Leadership Council that has been supporting Cephus, told Madison365 that they were thankful and grateful that the university and the chancellor stood on the side of justice for Cephus.

“We are very happy that this young man was reinstated and allowed to continue on with his life,” Allen tells Madison365. “He has been through a whole lot. I’ve really gotten to know him as he has been attending my church for the last year. He’s a young man who continues to show integrity and we are grateful for the support he’s received from so many people. Justice has been served.”